MyGica ATV-1200 Android 4.2.2 TV Box

MyGica ATV 1200 is the next generation of the amazing Powered by Android TV box. This Dual MyGica TV box has the ability to turn your ordinary television into a Smart TV. Your phone is smart, and now your TV will be too with a state of the art media player that allows you to view photos, play games, read that ebook or online newspaper or just sit back and watch a movie right in your living room. All of these amazing functions are tucked away inside of this compact box, turning your big screen TV into a super sized monitor.

The ATV 1200 is currently using Android 4.2.2 operating system. Your new, Smart TV is powered by an ARM CORTEX A9 X2 Dual Core CPU which will allow you to both wired and a wireless networking access, USB external hard disk, single hand keyboard and a mouse that is as easy to control as your remote is.

Hull HD 1080p Video Dual Core CPU Dual Core GPU 1 GB DDR3 Memory 4 GB eMMC Flash Memory No Google Voice Search No ATSC TV Tuner 802.11b/g/n 2.4 GHz RJ45 10/100 Megabits HDMI Output SD Card Slot USB 2.0 Ports
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MyGica ATV-1200
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